St. Augustine

St. Augustine


St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the USA. The Spanish established St. Augustine in 1565 as a vital safe harbor for Spanish galleons laden with gold. It was not until 1763 that Spain ceded Florida to England in order to regain the capital of Cuba, ushering in twenty years of British rule in Florida. In 1845, Florida became the twenty-seventh state admitted to the Union and St. Augustine officially became part of the U.S.


In the 1880’s, the sleepy old Spanish town began to bustle with the arrival of Henry M. Flagler, who developed the town as a major resort for the leisure traveler. The arrival of Henry Flagler in 1885 marked the beginning of a golden era for St. Augustine. Enticed by the city’s temperate climate and unique ambiance, Flagler saw great potential for St. Augustine as a popular winter resort and playground for rich Northerners.


Flagler was right. The potential he found in St. Augustine has definitely endured throughout the years. Now you will have the privilege of participating in a unique sporting event for entire families to enjoy in this rich, beautiful, and welcoming city.


As an St. Augustine Half Marathon Weekend participant, you will delight in historic sites and culture-laden streets as you run through this picturesque town. The setting and course are what makes this event matchless. Come be a part of the inaugural event that is sure to become a favorite and attract national and international attention.


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